Why can't I clean my fuel injectors on the engine? - On engine methods do not use ultrasonic technology; they use chemicals that also have to be able to run the engine. These chemicals only break contaminants free from surfaces which end up in the filter of the injector and are not very aggressive. Spray patterns cannot be checked nor can the condition of the electrical components be confirmed. On car cleaning is better used for preventative maintenance, not for fixing injector issues. On car cleaning also does not replace filters and o rings, flow rate cannot be determined, and if the fuel system has a lot of contaminants (which is common), it can cause more harm than good.

While diagnosing my issue, I have narrowed it down to one cylinder, can I send that one fuel injector in? - No, all the injectors have been in the same fuel system with the same fuel and same contaminants for a period of time. If you have an issue with one, chances are that there is something wrong to some degree with all of them. All injectors need to be serviced! Just like rebuilding carburetors on an engine, you don't just rebuild 1, if there is varnish and debris in one, there is varnish and debris in all.

My engine failed (blew up). Do I need to service the fuel system ? - YES!!! Engines fail for reasons. Most of the time it is a fuel system failure that causes the engine to fail. The injectors (or carburetors) need to be tested and serviced (or rebuilt) without question. If you repair the engine without repairing the cause of the failure what happens? It fails again. Of course failures happen for other reasons but the most common is a fuel system issue. If an Optimax engine has had a powerhead OR air pump failure, the air and fuel injectors need to be serviced.

Do you service Optimax Air Injectors? - YES!! Optimax air injector service can greatly improve idle and run quality. Why? Optimax engines have belts that run the air pump, the belt dust is ingested into the air pump and air rail on the motor. The belt dust gets caught up in the injector degrading the performance of the injector. If you have had an air pump failure, this service should also be performed, metal debris from the failure can be sent to the air injector just like belt dust causing poor idle and running quality issues.

Do you service Evinrude Ficht, DI and ETEC injectors? - We are currently developing procedures for servicing these injectors. Please call us at 866-604-2628 to discuss servicing these injectors.




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