What Is Done?

Our services include the following:

1 - Coil Check - The fuel injector's impedance is checked and the coil is tested for an open circuit. If the coil is bad we will not charge you.

2 - Flow Test - The fuel injector is flow tested to see the current state and performance, the spray pattern is analyzed and flowed volume is measured and recorded at multiple RPM settings including idle, 6800 RPM's, variable RPM between 800 and 6800 RPMS (acceleration and deceleration), and static (held open). We have the capability to run up to 12,500 RPMS as necesssary.

3 - Leak Test - The fuel injector is also statically flowed (held open) and leak tested.

4 - Ultrasonic Cleaning - The filters are removed and the fuel injector is ultrasonically cleaned. Our ultrasonic cleaner is heated and sweeps a 31-42kHz frequency while firing the injector. Most others do not have a heated, sweeping frequency ultrasonic cleaner. The heat and frequency sweeping improves the ultrasonic cleaning process. The injectors are also operated at different rpm settings during the cleaning process .

5 - Back Flush Injector - The fuel injector is next back flushed to ensure that the contaminants loosened up during the ultrasonic cleaning are removed from the fuel injector. Most others do not have the capability of back flushing.

6 - Replace Parts - In 99% of all cases, the orings, filter baskets and pintle caps are replaced.

7 - Flow Test - The fuel injector is again flow tested and the spray pattern analyzed to compare the results of the cleaning with the pre-cleaning tests.

8 - Leak Test - The fuel injector is tested for leaks again.

9 - Report - The fuel injector test and cleaning results are prepared and will be included with the serviced injetors.

10 - Package & Ship - Fuel injectors are now lubricated (adequate for storage), packaged and ready to ship back to you. We ship the injectors back to you UPS Ground free of charge in the continental US. You are required to pay the insurance or any upgraded shipping service you desire.




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Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaning Procedure